Chinese Gambling Game

Chinese Gambling Game

Mahjong is an ancient Chinese gambling game which has been enjoyed for more than 2000 years all around the world – both physically and virtually. You can enjoy it both offline and online casinos alike!

Keno is an engaging Chinese gambling game that blends elements of both lottery and bingo into an intriguing combination. Utilizing a random number generator, it gives players winnings for every matched number that generates from its random generator.


Mahjong is one of the oldest Chinese gambling games. Based on both chance and strategy, it remains immensely popular both domestically and abroad as a form of relaxation and enjoyment.

Mahjong rules can differ widely between variations, with scoring systems making the biggest distinctions. Some variations of mahjong allow special hands while others remove or substitute certain number 5 tiles to increase difficulty and add to its complexity.

Each player receives 144 Mahjong tiles and most sets contain counters for scoring purposes, dice to decide who deals them and racks to store them. Players sit clockwise around an empty end wall until one player picks a tile to place in an open end of it and discards one from an open end; after which that tile may then be taken up again by any of the remaining players and declared as either Pung, Kong, or Mah Jong by revealing its combination.

Pai Gow Tiles

Pai Gow is a form of dominoes played with 32 tiles. Its rules resemble those of Blackjack, though players never directly face off against the dealer. There are no community cards present; instead each tile contains between two and twelve spots arranged in unique patterns that affect its value when added together as hands. Players should pay close attention to these patterns since their position can affect a hand’s value significantly.

Beginning of Game: Place Bets The game starts with players placing bets and the dealer shaking a dice cup to determine who gets the first stack of tiles. Subsequently, every player receives four tiles from the dealer which must then be organized into two distinct pairs – high hand and low hand.

Each pair is assessed based on the sum of dots on both tiles in its hand, with nine being the maximum possible score; using combination 1-3-3-4 tiles as needed will achieve this result.


Fan tan is one of the most beloved Asian casino games found online casinos, being easy to learn and enjoyable to play. Perfect for players seeking something different than traditional table games; also ideal for beginners looking to gain exposure to Chinese poker without risking their bankroll!

Fan Tan is a classic card game where all players receive seven cards and the first player to get rid of theirs wins. Each player must attempt to play at least one card if possible and those unable to contribute an additional poker chip to the pot. Played clockwise, each player must follow suit from Ace up through seven (playing 7s in an unbroken sequence is also allowed). Finally, scoring occurs by observing bead patterns and making calculated predictions about their distribution across that final row of the board.

Sic Bo

Sic bo is a dice game commonly found both physically and virtually casino settings, offering unique betting options.

This ancient dice game dates back over 2,000 years and remains popular today. Various versions include Tai Sai, Dai Siu, Big & Small and Chuck-a-Luck.

Single bets involve placing money on one number appearing on any one or more of the three dice, with payouts that depend on its frequency and on which dice it appears on. You will get paid 1-1; if multiple numbers of your choice appear simultaneously you are entitled to 12-1 payouts! These different payouts make Sic Bo so entertaining! Triple bets pay 180-1 on triples that appear.