A Brief History of Slot Machines

A Brief History of Slot Machines

Slot machine games are a great way for the whole family to get together and enjoy a fun day of entertainment. For many years, slot machines have been the traditional way for pulling lines at casinos all over the world. The machine games have evolved through the years but the basic slot machine game is still the same. One can get by playing the slot games at online casinos as well as land-based casinos.

Slot machine, by name one-armed bandit, called in Great Britain otherwise as the fruit machine, casino machine, gambling device, operated by pulling one or more coins from a slot or pulling a handle to activate one or several reels marked in vertical crosshairs by varying the direction of spin. Slots are designed to give a maximum return when the last coin is pulled. It is common in casinos all around the world. It is also commonly found in bars, pubs and restaurants as well as in clubs and live performance venues. It is the most common type of gambling device found on land as well as in the water.

Slots are categorized according to the denomination in which they are operated, namely single-line, multiple-line and progressive. There are casino slot machines that run only for one line and there are multi-line machines that run for more than one line. Progressive slots give the jackpot amount steadily to the person winning it, while single-line and multi-line machines keep increasing the jackpot amount until someone wins it.

Slots come in various sizes, number of reels and colors. The reels are the moving parts that change the spin of the slot machine ball. Some have only two reels, others have three reels and still others have four reels. Generally speaking, the larger the number of reels in a slot machine, the faster the spin.

There are two basic types of slot machines – the automated and the manually operated. Automated slot machines are those that run on a timer or have a rewinding system. They have reels fitted on fixed cages inside the machine. The user places coins on the reels and pulls a handle that rewinds the machine and produces the desired results. Manual operated machines are the ones where the operator places coins on the reels and pulls a handle that, with the help of levers or wheels spins the machine. However, this type of slot machines is more popular amongst bettors who like to control the outcome of the game.

In the late 20th century, the craze for slots took off and it was followed by the invention of the Amusement Park slot machines. In this case, the craze took a more physical form and these were placed in amusement parks. One interesting example of an Amusement Park slot machine is the Mardi Gras machine wherein players place their bets and take pleasure from watching colorful masks being pulled by a dancer on a fixed reel.